Yuhang Song



Office A1.09

Ashton Building, Brownlow street

Liverpool, L3 3GQ

Hi there !

I am currently a Ph.D. student at University of Liverpool & National Tsing Hua University.

Reseacher of airvLab in Digital Innovation Facility (DIF) and ELSA Lab in NTHU. I have founded TOPSOFT Group in 2016, an international organization for computer science.

My research interests includes Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning and Autonomous Systems. I aim to build end-to-end robust navigation agent and make it accessable in physical world via remarkable efficiency.


Oct 12, 2023 I serverd as external reviewer at ICLR 2023.
Sep 11, 2023 One paper is accepted to ACML 2023 ! :smile:
Aug 14, 2023 Building Real World Aligned Embodied Autonomous Navigation System! <3
Jun 20, 2023 Started my journey on learning ROS 1 & 2, preparing working on embodied Husky robots.
Jan 18, 2023 I serve as module demonstrator for COM 341 in UoL.
Oct 1, 2022 Learning on RL basics and Efficient Models.
Jul 19, 2022 I got an fully-funded PhD offer from University of LIverpool.
Jun 18, 2022 Received my Bachelor degree from University of Liverpool. :sparkles: :smile:

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  1. dita.gif
    Learning to Terminate in Object Navigation
    Yuhang Song, Anh Nguyen, and Chun-Yi Lee
    In , 2023